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Invisalign Clear Braces in Seattle, WA

$149/mo* Invisalign® Treatment

Ready for the straighter smile you deserve? Select orthodontic treatment with Invisalign and finance your new smile for as low as $149/month with approved financing!

At Evergreen Smile Studio, our in-house orthodontist, Dr. Rebekah, specializes in transforming smiles and boosting confidence with Invisalign® clear braces. This trusted and discreet system has been providing effective results worldwide for decades.

Evergreen Smile Studio patient getting fitted for Invisalign clear alignersAs a Preferred Invisalign® Provider, Dr. Rebekah is highly qualified in delivering customized orthodontic care plans. Our patients trust in her expertise as an orthodontic professional to provide the best Invisalign treatment near Seattle, WA, and beyond! 

What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners and How Do They Work?

Invisalign® is an orthodontic system that uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth gradually. These custom-made aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to undergo treatment discreetly. Aligners are designed to throughout the day and night but can be easily removed for more enjoyable mealtimes and effective oral hygiene routines. 

Dr. Rebekah will create multiple aligners specific to your treatment plan using digital imaging technology. These aligners are changed approximately every two weeks to shift your teeth into their correct position gradually. You will return to our local Seattle, WA, dental office regularly for progress checks and any necessary adjustments.

Invisalign can effectively treat a variety of orthodontic conditions, including:
woman holding her Invisalign clear aligners

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Open Bites
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Misshapen Teeth

Your Consultation with Our Invisalign Dentist

Dr. Rebekah will comprehensively examine your teeth and jaw during your consultation using digital X-rays and imaging technologies. This allows her to diagnose accurately and determine if Invisalign is the right option for you. She may recommend alternative treatment methods if a more severe orthodontic issue is identified.

Schedule Your Invisalign Clear Braces Consultation in Seattle, WA

If you're seeking a straight smile without traditional metal braces, call Evergreen Smile Studio today to schedule a consultation with our Invisalign orthodontist. Take the first step towards achieving a confident smile with Invisalign.

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