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Root Canal Treatment in Seattle, WA

Are you experiencing tooth and mouth pain, swollen gums, or a dental abscess?

Toothaches can be painful and distracting, and are often a sign of decay or infection. Tooth infections are especially uncomfortable, but root canal therapy can relieve that pain in a single visit with your dentist in Seattle. With modern techniques, root canal therapy at Evergreen Smile Studio is a pain-free procedure that can help stop the spread of decay and restore the integrity of a damaged tooth.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment removes infected areas of the soft inner section, known as the pulp. These infections can cause significant pain; the entire tooth could deteriorate if left untreated. Root canal therapy saves the tooth, allows for proper healing, and strengthens the tooth. Your root canal treatment with our Seattle dentist will include the following:

  • Dental exam and x-rays. Before you undergo any treatment, your dentist will examine your mouth and review any x-rays or other images to diagnose the cause of your toothache. If the cause turns out to be a tooth infection, your doctor will determine the extent of the damage and decide if root canal therapy can treat the problem.
  • Local anesthesia & dental sedation options. To begin your root canal procedure, Dr. Rebekah will clean and numb the treatment site, all the way down to the including the nerves with local anesthesia. If you opt for dental sedation, she will help you decide what kind of sedation will be best for you.

Removing Decay & Infected Pulp

Once the treatment area is sufficiently numb, Dr. Rebekah will begin removing any decayed material beginning with the enamel and moving through the center of the tooth to clear out any infected pulp. Once the interior of the tooth’s canals have been thoroughly cleaned, the area is flushed with disinfectant to eliminate any remaining bacteria. 

Dr. Rebekah is skilled at identifying when root canal therapy is necessary, preventing the infection from spreading to other body parts through the bloodstream. After treating the infection, we top the tooth with a natural-looking dental crown that matches your existing teeth.  

Sealing Your Root Canal  

Your root canal therapy will be completed with a state-of-the-art restoration. Although dental crowns are usually the best way to protect your tooth after getting a root canal, and are almost always recommended for posterior teeth (molars and premolars), tooth-colored fillings can also be used to restore anterior (front) teeth.

Your root canal dentist will help you determine what kind of restoration is best for you after your root canal treatment has been completed.

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Don't let an untreated infection compromise your health. If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain, swelling, or an abscess, call us today to schedule your root canal therapy with Dr. Rebekah! 

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